Inventor Recognition

Patent Palooza

Patent Palooza

Patent Palooza is an event hosted by the OTC to celebrate the UK Innovation Community. It recognized UK inventors and successful commercialization deals of the previous fiscal year.

The first annual event, held March 28, 2017, recognized 43 inventors for the 30 patents that were issued in fiscal year 2016. Special recognition - an engraved and framed plaque with replica patent - was given to Dr. Chang-Guo Zhan, who reached a milestone of receiving his 20th patent in 2016. He had 5 patents issued last year alone! Each inventor named on an issued patent in FY16 was given a coffee mug with the front cover of their patent printed on it. 

Additionally, recipients of SBIR-STTR grants in FY16 were recognized, as well as inventors on patents for which a license agreement was executed. 

Top: Dr. Chang-Guo Zhan & Ian McClure, Honoree Patent Mug; Bottom: Pres. Capiluto & Stephen Dobson, Pres. Capiluto & Ian McClure

See the list of 2017 honorees below:

Jayakrishna Ambati

Dibakar Bhattacharyya

Gregory Bix

Stephen Brown

Rachael Burrows

Carlo Croce

Daxiang Cui

Seth DeBolt

Kevin Donohue

Linda Dwoskin

Tom Dziubla

Michael Flythe

Benjamin Fowler

Matthew Gentry

Edith Glazer

Peixuon Guo

Farzin Haque

David K. Heidary

David Hildebrand

Zach Hilt

Nick Holubowitch

David W. Horohov

Robert Benjamin Jewell

Emil Khisamutdinov

Barbara Knutson

Daniel Jasinski

Robert Joseph Kuhn

James Landon

Tae Jin Lee

Hui Li

Wei Li

Ying Liang

Stephen Lipka

Cameron Lippert

Bing Liu

Chunming Liu

Kunlei Liu

Bert C. Lynn

Timothy McClintock

Indu Maiti

Charles May

Michael Montross

Sue Nokes

Susan Anne Odom

Bruce O’Hara

Allen Page

Fei Pan

Todor Petrov

David Puleo

Mehdi Rajabi

Stephen Rankin

Tom Robl

Dan Shu

Yi Shu

Vijay Pal Singh

Scott Stephens

Harold Stills

Vitaliy Sviripa

Christopher Swartz

Hsin-Hsiung Tai

Darrell Taulbee

John Thompson

Craig Vander Kooi

Gary Van Zant

Andrzej Wala

Shaoying Wang

David Watt

Bruce Webb

Erfu Yan

Robert Yokel

Chunlei Zhag

Chang-Guo Zhan

Hui Zhang

Wen Zhang

Fang Zheng

Save the Date Patent Palooza 2018

The second annual Patent Palooza event will be held March 27, 2018, and will recognize all UK inventors and successful commercialization deals of FY17. 


National Academy of Inventors (NAI)

The OTC has started a UK chapter of the National Academy of Inventors (NAI). The UK Chapter of NAI will be a vehicle to recognize and honor individuals who translate their research findings into inventions that may benefit society. Additionally, it will celebrate, as honorary members, individuals who have demonstrated innovation leadership and who foster and nurture innovation at UK, and within the local community. The first class will be inducted at our annual Patent Palooza event on March 27, 2018. Stay tuned for more details on membership in the chapter.

The NAI is dedicated to enhancing the visibility of academic technology and innovation and encourages the disclosure of intellectual property. At the national level, the NAI honors academic invention through it NAI Fellows program. Currently there are 757 Fellows worldwide, at more than 229 universities and governmental and non-profit research institutes. Collectively, they hold over 26,500 U.S. patents, which have generated over 9,400 licensed technologies and companies, created more than 1.3M jobs, and generated over $137B in revenue.

The NAI also publishes a journal, TechnologyTechnology and Innovation (T&I). It is a forum for presenting information encompassing the entire field of applied sciences, with a focus on transformative technology and academic innovation. As a part of their mission to honor academic invention, they feature an article from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and a profile of a Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors® in every issue.

The University of Kentucky was named one of the 2016 Top 100 Worldwide Universities Granted U.S. Patents, by the National Academy of Inventors. We are ranked #69, up from #92 in 2015. The list is based on data obtained from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, for patents granted during the 2016 calendar year. The list is meant to highlight the vital role patents play in university research and innovation. Click here for the press release.