Graduate Research
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  • Feb 23 2018

Heather Hyden's thesis on cooperative food buying is attracting lots of positive attention.

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  • Jan 26 2018

Case Western Reserve and UK's SCoBIRC were able to show the existence of a parallel neural network that could potentially restore diaphragm function after spinal cord injury. Perhaps more amazing is that this research is credited to a group of young scientists.

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  • Jan 22 2018

"UK at the Half" airs during halftime of each UK football and basketball game broadcast and features the people, programs, research, health care and service that combine to make UK the university for Kentucky.

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  • Dec 15 2017

Angela Gutierrez is the third UK student to receive the Karen Wetterhahn Memorial Award. Bradley Newsome won in 2014 and Nicki Baker in 2012.

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  • Sep 21 2017

With funding from Kentucky NSF EPSCoR, ERTL’s mission is to help students through personalized, hands-on training and access to state-of-the-art laboratory equipment.

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  • Aug 31 2017

In a paper published in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, UK College of Medicine student Eseosa Ighodaro, Ph.D., addressed the numerous challenges associated with studying dementia in Blacks/African-Americans.

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  • Aug 28 2017

The team's small spacecraft — a 7-inch diameter re-entry capsule — reached an altitude of 94 miles before coming back down to Earth. Video taken on board the rocket, complete with a UK logo, shows the capsule being ejected before entering the atmosphere.

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  • Aug 24 2017

Angela Wei, an agricultural and medical biotechnology and mathematics senior from Lexington, was one of only five students across the country selected to participate in the 2017 Dartmouth MD/PhD Undergraduate Summer Fellowship Program.

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  • Aug 22 2017

UK researchers participating in a DOE funded multi-institutional center (BETCy Energy Frontier Research Center) have discovered a groundbreaking process that allows them to harness energy from chemical reactions that previously dismissed as unusable.

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  • Oct 6 2016

Sebastian Hernandez is creating membranes with metal nanoparticles to remove pollutants from water.