Turf Research Field Day

NCATS Opportunity for Collaborators

8th Annual Drug Discovery & Development and Natural Products Consortium Symposium

Entrepreneurs Bootcamp

Clinical Research Coordinator 101

When Human Subjects, Science and Consumer Rights Collide

1000 Days of Running for a Cause

Kentucky Research Data Center Information Session

Kentucky Research Data Center Information Session

"Natural Language Processing: Application and Use-Cases in Biomedicine"

"Real Humans, Simulated Attacks" Dean's Lecture Series

Introducing the Proposal Development Office

Zeiss Multiphoton Imaging Seminar

NIH Centers of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) (P20) Informational Meeting

An Introduction to Proposal Development

Finding Funding Opportunities for Graduate Students in Plant and Soil Sciences

Graduate Fellowship Opportunities and PDO Resources

Grantseeking Strategies for Family Studies Graduate Students

"Recruitment of Latino/Hispanic Research Participants: Community Collaborations"

“How to Have a Happy Statistical Consultation”

Successful Recruitment and Retention Strategies for Pediatric Protocols

Center for Health Services Research Grand Rounds Presentation

Center for Health Services Research Work in Progress

Partnering with the Community to Achieve the Healthiest Children in the Nation

Advancing Integrated Value-Based Models of Care through Interprofessional Education (IPE)

Neuropathology of Dementia: What's New about the Old?

Markesbery Symposium on Aging and Dementia - Scientific Symposium & Poster Session

Markesbery Symposium on Aging and Dementia - Community Session

University Cities Conference

Analytics Open Lab

Analytics Open Lab

Analytics Open Lab

Analytics Open Lab

Work in Progress - Hammer and Spiker

Digital Thread-enabled Multi-lifecycle Sustainable Product Configuration Design

An Emission Microscopy Study of Thermionic Cathodes Containing Scandium

Direct Molecular Interrogation Facilitated by a Nanopore Technology

Biomodulatory Materials

Metal-Organic Frameworks as Tunable Platforms for Gas Storage, Chemical Separations, and Catalysis

Electric Cars for Everyone?

Fostering Dialogue and Collaboration on Climate Change

The Stressed Kidney: Origins of Adult Renal Disease

Programming Pi-System Structure and Function by Hydrogen Bonding

The Photophysical Properties of Porphyrin Thin Films and Thiazolothiazole Viologens

Effect of Crystal Packing on the Electronic Properties of Molecular Crystals

Accurate Calculations in Heavy Atom Chemistry

Markey’s Cancer Data Ecosystem: From Population Cancer Surveillance to Molecular Profiles

Raising the Bar—New Guidance on NSF's Broader Impacts Review Criterion

Evidence-based Practices among Substance Using Offenders

Open Labs - IRAA

Open Labs - IRAA

Open Labs - IRAA

Open Labs - IRAA

Open Labs - IRAA

Open Labs - IRAA

KGS Open House

Your Role in Changing Hearts and Minds for Science

Achieving Health Equity: Tools for a National Campaign Against Racism

Wnt/beta-catenin Signaling and Kidney Fibrosis

How do Veins Adapt to the Arterial Environment?

CT Surgery Symposium 2017: Advances in Thoracic and Cardiac Surgery

Tobacco Smoke/Oxidative Stress Effect on Mitochondrial Dysfunction, and Signaling through Extracellular Vesicles/Exosomes

Acetyl CoA Carboxylase Inhibition Reduces Hepatic Steatosis but Elevates Plasma Triglycerides in Mice and Humans: A Bedside to Bench Investigation

Developing Effective Countermeasures Against the Human Parasite Toxoplasma gondii

Lethal Injection Enters a Second Generation: New Drugs, Protocols, and Controversies

Understanding Biotherapeutic Transport Mechanisms and Disease Pathology at the Neurovascular Unit

Toll-Like Receptors, New players for myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury

Mechanisms of DNA mismatch repair excision and the potential for polygenic interactions in microsatellite unstable cancers

Shaping Neural Circuits: Exploring How Non-Neuronal Interactions Maintain Synaptic Connections

Life on the Inside: Chlamydial Development, Metabolism and Virulence

Aging and Adipose Tissue Inflammation

Regulation and Pharmacological Modulation of HMGB1 Release in Experimental Sepsis

Bluegrass Regional Movement Disorders Symposium

Mutant FUS Represses Protein Translation Through Activation of Nonsense Mediated Decay

Force encoding in muscle spindles: Towards a multiscale model for sensorimotor feedback control

Lafora Disease: Defining the Molecular Basis for a Fatal, Metabolic Epilepsy

First Annual Barnstable Brown Diabetes Center Symposium: Diabetes Across the Lifespan

ApoE Receptor-2: Much more than a lipoprotein receptor in cardiovascular protection

Missing lncs between Stem Cell Differentiation and Tumorigenesis

Recruitment in 'Hard to Reach' Populations: Lessons Learned from a Study Involving Men who have Sex with Men

SPRUCE Project, Peatlands, and Climate Change

Water Career Panel

Coal-Sourced Natural Gas Resources in the U.S. and China Semianr

Research 101 (Undergrad)

Research 101 (Grad)

Population Health Symposium

Computational Polypharmacology: A Machine Learning Approach

Smart Usage of Wake-up Radio and Energy Harvesting for Long Lasting IoT Systems

Using Human Behavior and Brain Activity to Guide Machine Learning

Designing Green Smart Connected Communities using Dynamic Spectrum Access

Auditing Subtype Inconsistencies among Gene Ontology Concepts

Ceph: Open Source Cloud Storage

The Scrum Process

The BioCreative competition

The Language of Goals: Facilitating cognitive partnerships between humans and machines

(Re)Introducing the Proposal Development Office

"Kentucky Research Data Center"

Grant-writing Basics: A Framework for Success

Adaptation and Implementation of the Proactive Office Encounter Model in Health Systems in Appalachian Kentucky

Successful LOIs and Pilots: Hints from the BERD

New "Common Rule" IRB Regulations Information Session

Battery Research Opportunities Today and in the Future - Mercedes-Benz Perspective

Cardiovascular Research Day

Habits of Successful Grant Seekers: Insights from the UK Proposal Development Office

Solving Very Hard Problems, or Everything is Bigger in Texas

Resources, Expertise, and Funding to Move your Research to the Next Level

A Window into Psychosis: Designing Ecologically-Valid Assessments and Treatments

Students First: Considerations When Recruiting Students in Academic Settings

Citizen Science: A Novel and Emerging Method to Knowledge Generation

Building a Precision Medicine Data Commons for Cancer

Career panel: Leveraging PhD skills for careers inside and outside academia

National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR)

Open Labs - IRAA

Open Labs - IRAA

Open Labs - IRAA

Open Labs - IRAA

Open Labs - IRAA

Open Labs - IRAA

Open Labs - IRAA

Open Labs - IRAA

Open Labs - IRAA

Open Labs - IRAA

Open Labs - IRAA

Open Labs - IRAA

Analytics Open Lab

Analytics Open Lab

Analytics Open Lab

Analytics Open Lab

Analytics Open Lab

Analytics Open Lab

Marfan Syndrome and Related Aneurysm Disorders: 25 years and still learning

Protein Kinase A Determines Platelet Life Span and Survival by Regulating Apoptosis

Influence of the Par-4 Tumor-Suppressor Upon Adipogenesis and Obesity

CD47 blocking antibodies restore phagocytosis and prevent atherosclerosis

PGY Dissertation Defense - New Insights into Post-Sepsis Muscle Weakness Elucidated using a Novel Animal Model

Examining genomic and epigenetic effects of silver nanomaterials in Caenorhabditis elegans after multigenerational exposure

CAR T cell therapy

APOE: Role in amyloid-β accumulation and in tau-mediated neurodegeneration

Vitamin D, Metabolism and Lipid Management in Skeletal Muscle: Implications in Lipotoxicity

Standing on the shoulders of giants to study intermediary metabolism

Dr. Bruce Berkowitz Seminar

Mostafa Rahnama Post-Doc Seminar

PGY Dissertation Defense - Yuan Wen

Peter Roach - Guest Seminar

Min Wei - Student Seminar

Precision Medicine: Consumers, Data, and Technology

Meredith Eckstein - Student Seminar

Charles Sanders, Ph.D. - Guest Seminar

Lawrence Hayward, MD, Ph.D. - Guest Semianr

Eastern Unconventional Oil & Gas Symposium

Abstract Writing Workshop

Research Methods in Health and Nutrition

Rick Ingram, DrPH, Semianr

Fair Allocation of Goods

Are good grades good enough? What it takes to get a great job after graduation

Before Obama: The Political Career of Shirley Chisholm

An Icefish is a Nice Fish: Antarctic Oceans and Global Climate Change

Genetic Mechanisms of Sex Determination in Zebrafish

Shiny and R: Making Data and Discovery Interactive and Fun

When Power Meets Multimedia: Advances in Information Forensics Exploiting Micro-Signals

Framing Immigrants

Dimensions of Political Ecology Conference

CCTS Enterprise Data Trust: Data Sources Available for Research

(Re)Introducing the Proposal Development Office

Recent Updates: UK Research - VPR Workshop

Grant Writing Strategies - VPR Workshop

Mentor Training for Researchers Pt 1 - VPR Workshop

Mentor Training for Researchers Pt 2 - VPR Workshop

Innovative Recruitment Strategies for Sexual and Gender Minorities: We're Not 'Hard to Reach'

NIH Update: Introducing FORMS-E and Clinical Trial Policy

Summer Research Information Session

Famed Geoscientist Iain Stewart to Speak at UK

Newer Approaches for Antioxidant Neuroprotection in CNS Injury

Challenges in Recruiting Participants for Studies on Trauma: Lessons Learned from Samples with Interpersonal Trauma, PTSD, and Substance Abuse

Fishing for New Anti-Cancer Therapies Using Zebrafish Models

Targeting Lactate Metabolism

Why Age and Sex Matter in Preclinical Stroke Models

Summer Research Information Session

Clustering: What is it, and how does it affect study design and statistical analysis?

Opportunistic Wireless Communication

Multivariate Decomposition Method

The Pi Calculus and the Pict Programming Language

Modern (Post 2011) C++

Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry Guest Speaker Seminar

The Genetics of Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm

Cholesterol: Striking the Balance

Using pluripotent stem cell-derived tissues to study human gastrointestinal disease and diabetes

Disturbances of the postnatal Stress Hyporesponsive Period heightens cardiometabolic risk in rodents

Cartilage Quantitative Imaging

"Healthy Hearts for Women" 4th Annual Symposium

Evolving roles for satellite cells in skeletal muscle adaptation

Secrets and Lyase: New roles of S1P in the immune system

Attempts to Harness Fat – A Novel Paradigm to Treat Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease

Thoracic Aortic Disease: What Factors Promote Aortic Wall Destruction?

Wu & Wise COM Student Seminar

Urinary Lipoproteins Regulate the Renal Lymphatic Network

Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry Guest Speaker Seminar

Dynamic neural mechanisms of pain perception, and molecular remodeling by opioids

Sleep Quality and the Control of Metabolism During Pregnancy

DNA hypomethylation-mediated endothelial Injury and monocyte differentiation

Glial cells in regulating brain disease microenvironment

13th Annual UK CCTS Spring Conference

Resizing the Muscle Stem Cell Pool via Signaling from the Myofiber

Neural Mechanisms Underlying Variation and Plasticity in Social Behavior

Growth and Order in Sea Anemone Embryos

Generate Genetic Tools in Ants to Study Behavior and Neural Development

Fighting Fat with Fat-burning Fat: Mechanisms of Beige Adipocyte Formation

Sexual and Reproductive Health Symposium

Do Races Exist? Insights from Biological Anthropology

Comedians, the Media & the 1st Amendment

Optimizing Governmental Health and Social Spending Interactions

Strengthening the Carrying Capacity of Local Health and Social Service Networks

Linking Medical Homes to Social Service Systems for Medicaid Populations

How to address sex as a biological variable in your study design and grant proposals

Sudden Death in Epilepsy Patients (SUDEP)

(Re)Introducing the Proposal Development Office

Appalachian Research Day

Is Hardware the Next Frontier in Cybersecurity?

Markey Cancer Center Research Day

How Discrimination and Disparities Impact Children and Teens: Research on Ethnicity, Social Class and Social Orientation

Methods to promote data reproducibility in laboratory research (pt 2)

Methods to promote data reproducibility in laboratory research (pt 3)

(Re)Introducing the Proposal Development Office

Habits of Successful Grant Seekers: Insights from the Proposal Development Office

Segregated Housing Panel

(Re)Introducing the Proposal Development Office

(Re)Introducing the Proposal Development Office

Tips for using REDCap from a Statistician

Human Subject Protection Update: A Year in Review and a Glimpse of the Future

Big Data, Security and Privacy

Improving Preclinical Translation and Reproducibility in modeling Alzheimer's Disease

Defective Cholesterol Clearance Limits Remyelination in the Aged Central Nervous System

Maternal Lipids Regulate Development of Offspring Dendritic Cells and Allergic Disease

Discovery of Novel Genetic Pathways During Development: From Human Phenotypes to Molecular Mechanisms

Protein Kinase C and Control of Inflammation in Sepsis

Polo-like Kinase 1: From Cell Biology to Cancer Therapeutics

ASK(1) Me about Mechanobiology and Acute Lung Injury

Dissecting Mechanisms Mediating Sensory Hair Cell Maintenance

Amylin Pathology in Alzheimer's Disease

Vascular Calcification and Stiffness: Basic Mechanisms and Translational Potential

APOE Phenotypes for AD Prevention Approaches

Moving to Value in Healthcare: Promise and Pitfalls of Current Strategies

Why Inclusion Matters: Coffee and Conversation

Why Inclusion Matters: Coffee and Conversation

Why Inclusion Matters: Coffee and Conversation

4th Annual Healthy Hearts for Women Symposium

Novel Computational methods for Sequencing Data Analysis

Analysts Second-Guessing Themselves in Tracing Tasks Considered Harmful? A RETRO.NET Study

The MapReduce Paradigm

D. Manivannan research presentation

Continuous Integration

Applications of Knowledge Representation to eCulture

HES Graduate Student Research Day